You Can Make Your Website Unique And Attractive

Every company wanting to build powerful sites and want to avoid the hassle of coding and other technical aspects, there are three optimum solutions in the market today. They are WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. These three hosting platforms are the best in the industry and specialize in content management services. Each of them offer easy interfaces, excellent features, and are secure however what sets WordPress apart is the Unbounce WordPress landing page plugin. Let’s look at the services provided by each of these platforms.


WordPress is easily the best hosting platform. This platform started extensively for blogging, however across the years has become one of the most trusted solutions for website hosting. More than 40% websites have started using WordPress as their platform. With over 60 million WordPress hosted websites today, the popularity of WordPress is definitely on the rise. Here we look at some of the features of WordPress.

  • Easy Installation – Many hosting companies offer instant and automatic installation of WordPress websites. This could mean that your website could be live in less than five minutes.
  • Customization – WordPress sites offer more customization options as compared to any other platform. WordPress offers unlimited plug-ins and various themes.
  • Free – WordPress can be installed and used by everyone. There are many free themes and plug-ins that you can choose from as well.


Drupal is almost as popular as WordPress. This is also an open source platform and is for the more technical user. Drupal can be used for blogging as well as a content portal. Some of Drupal’s features are given below.

  • Technical Knowledge – Drupal is the most advanced portal among the three. What’s even better is that Drupal does not use many system resources so changing your platform anytime soon will be out of the question.