Benefits of Screen Printing

Houston screen printing utilizes pressure from mechanical devices or squeegees. This is to push the ink into the cloth’s fibers where it is integrated and absorbed into the cloth. This method is used to create printed shirts that have long-lasting print. The print would not respond to any physical contact or will not wash away.

Here are some benefits of screen printing:


Graphics printed using this approach could withstand a lot more stress than other methods without losing the print’s quality because of the thickness and composition of inks utilized in screen printing.

Bulk Order Friendly

This method is best reserved for bulk orders because this is an approach that needs screen fabrication for each color utilized in the design. The more shirts to be printed then the bigger the money the customer would save.

Amazing Result

This method creates vibrant colors that are difficult to copy by other means of printing. Methods such as DTG (direct to garment) utilized black, yellow, magenta, and cyan (BYMC) dots to reproduce their designs and though it is a good way to copy details, it normally literally pales compared to screen printing method.

More Ink

Unlike other methods, this method lets great amount of ink be absorbed by the fabric. This, of course, would result in better chances when it comes to the outcome of the product.


It’s really difficult to look for a printing technique that is as versatile as this method. It could be completed on almost all surface as long as it’s metal, plastic, wood, fabric, flat, and a lot more.


It’s a regular procedure that doesn’t change regardless if it is done by hand or automated. The equipment isn’t difficult to replace and will not become obsolete even if the technology is constantly improving.