Things to Consider When Purchasing Cordless Power Tools

There is no greater manner to say “Dear Friend, Merry Christmas” than with a heavy-duty 20V miter saw or a double-bevel compound impact driver. However, the problem is that you do not know what really to purchase. Luckily, Protoolzone Reviews got your back.

Here are several things that you should consider:

Don’t Purchase if you don’t know how to operate

Before, cordless power tools were huge and heavy monsters that feature batteries that are large nickel-cadmium. However, the manufacturers have reduced down their items with long-lasting and smooth lithium-ion cells. But, this type of battery is not cheap. That is why tool companies still produce tools that use nickel-cadmium batteries.

You would be good with the nickel-cadmium batteries if you don’t usually use power tools. These tools take a lot of time to charge and weigh a bit more.

Size Does Matter

To make things short, the bigger the volts, the bigger the power it produces. Meaning, it provides more action for impact driving, more speed for sanding and jigsawing, and more torque for miter sawing or driving screws. You shouldn’t really purchase a tool with more than 18 volts unless you are an expert. A great 18-volt drill would get you over large projects such as deck building and framing. Also, you could through as much plywoods using a circular saw with 18-volt power.

Tool Companies Matter

It really pays if you are addicted to power tools. That is great news. Tool companies encourage brand loyalty by selling tools both without batteries and with batteries. In this way, you could utilize the batteries on other tool platforms once you have purchased your 1st tool and it includes 2 extra batteries. It is a great idea to stick with one brand that uses the same battery.