CSGO Gloves and Skins for a Few Tasks

You read the title correctly, there are dozens of websites out there that offer CSGO gloves and skins for free. Well, they’re technically for free but players have to do meagre tasks in order to earn points. The points are converted to the item within the range of the points; kind of like when you play all sorts of games in an arcade and trade the tickets for the item you want once you’ve collected the right amount. A secured and trusted website that facilitates these trades would be CSGOPoints.com.


Earning points has never been this simple, first access their website and sign in the same  account that you have in the Steam market. Unlike other website, you’re not required to create a whole new account since that would be a hassle and an inconvenience for most. After a successful sign up, players can begin earning points by downloading certain mobile applications, playing browser games and answering surveys. There’s a wide array of tasks to choose from and they’re not even the least bit tricky so the points just keep on coming. Once you’ve earned points, equivalent to the CSGO gloves or skins that caught your interest, you can immediately trade them off.

It’s a continuous cycle until all the items you want are in your inventory. Let’s admit that playing the same game, answering the exact same survey, installing and uninstalling applications on repeat can become tedious but the items are worth it if you don’t to spend a penny at other trading markets. Have someone else like a friend or a sibling play the games until you feel up to doing it again. In a few short days, or weeks depending on the item that you want, your character can be among the most stylish or intimidating out there.